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This webring was created in June 2021 and is currently managed by ralismark. For suggestions, issues, and changes, make a PR/open an issue on the repo, or message ralismark#4976 on discord.


If you want to join, submit a PR to this repo adding a single file to _people. It should be named YOUR_NAME.html – this name won’t be shown anywhere, it’s (currently) only used for the navbar embed url. Its content should be like this (you can also have a look at other people’s entries to see some examples):

href: "<url>"
name: "<name>"


After you join, you should add the navbar to the linked page!

How to embed the navbar

Once you’re part of this webring, it’s highly recommended that you add a navigation bar to your website. To do so, include the following html snippet, replacing YOUR_NAME with the username you registered with.

  style="width: 100%; height: 3rem; border: none"

Here’s an example of what it looks like (with an added border so you can see the size):

Unfortunately, due to how iframes work, you can’t really style what’s inside the frame – background colour is pretty much the only thing you can change.